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We custom-design leadership development, team and individual executive coaching programs. Our specialty is helping leaders and teams develop the mindsets, new skills and capabilities needed to succeed in a New C world. Our work combines solid grounding in good theory and research with deep practical experience. Organizations value our extensive experience in customizing our offerings to align with their needs and circumstances.




Leadership Development Programs

We bring a powerful, collaborative “learn with” approach to the design and facilitation of all group learning experiences. Our intention with each program is to create a space for real collective learning.

We work with organizations to customize programs for their needs, drawing on our rich body of models, practices and tools related to the key themes of:

  • The C Shift for leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Social climate
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Coaching

Here are a few examples of core programs we customize to help executives, leaders and work teams in organizations master the C Shift. Customization takes into account the leadership level of participants, the size of the group, the desired depth of learning, the specific organizational challenges and opportunities, the place of the program within other leadership development initiatives, as well as the time available.

Why it is important

Social climate is that invisible but highly potent force that supports high quality human connection and engagement (or when not attended to can severely undermine it). Climate differs from culture in that it is more locally determined. Unlike organizational culture, which is much harder and takes much longer to shift, climate is something leaders can more directly and immediately influence in their context. Therefore, climate is a very useful and immediately impactful area of focus for leaders.

What you get

  • Shared understanding of the internationally acclaimed 4-D framework which organizes the key factors that affect social climate
  • Practical models and tools to help leaders shift mindset, develop relevant skills, and change behaviour to positively impact climate and hence enhancing collaboration and engagement.
  • Access to a simple, yet powerful assessment tool that leaders can use to monitor the social climate they are working in

Why it is important

The C-shifted world requires leaders to cultivate a mindset that is conducive to facilitating good relationships and to supporting growth, learning and change. With competing draws on a leader’s attention, leaders need to develop a supportive mindset, and promote mindset shifts in others to create the kinds of collaborative climates that will ensure people bring their best minds to work.

What you get

  • An understanding of the power of attention
  • Core practices to manage attention on a day to day basis
  • A robust mindset model (our ASPIRING Mindset model™)
  • A set of principles and practices to help leaders develop the mindset factors that optimal for leading and learning in a C-shifted world.

Why it is important

New and emerging leaders often struggle to make the transition from individual contributor to people manager. Similarly, leaders transitioning from one management level to the next find themselves challenged in making the necessary shifts in attention, mindset and behavior. A customized Shift to Lead™ program helps accelerate learning, increases competence and enhances confidence so that new managers and leaders moving to more complex role can transition faster and more successfully.

What you get

  • A group learning process that helps participants make the shifts in intention, attention, mindset and behaviours to become people leaders.
  • Skill building exercises and practical tools provide participants with the confidence to apply their learning back on the job immediately.

Why it is important

Conversation is our most prized and useful “power tool” for getting things done. Leaders and individual contributors alike need to make sure that this tool is being used effectively and well. More so now than ever before people need to listen better, ask more and smarter questions, and tap into the minds of many to solve complex problems, to address challenges, and to get innovative, breakthrough solutions.

What you get

  • The simple yet powerful 5 C Conversation model and related tools to help participants focus attention on the most important aspects of conversation effectiveness
  • An interactive, highly engaging program with opportunity for real conversations and practice with feedback
  • Insights and a practical toolbox that can be put to use immediately to make the most of conversations

Why it is important

Leadership involves supporting people to learn, grow and perform to their highest potential. Leaders who use a coach approach enjoy higher levels of employee engagement, increased productivity and a greater sense of job satisfaction.

What you get

  • A deep understanding of the coaching role of leaders, and how this fits in with other leadership responsibilities
  • Insight into the See-Stretch-Support Coaching Model
  • Practical tools to support productive coaching conversations that support both development and performance
  • Opportunities to practice the core coaching skills, with feedback
  • Practical insights into how leaders can use a coaching approach to leverage the talents and motivation of their people, and to help foster a collaborative and positive work environment



Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching conversations happen at the intersection of the leader’s inner and outer world. Leaders, almost by definition, are responsible for shaping and changing the outer world in ways that will deliver certain results and outcomes. How the leader sees and responds to this outer world cannot be separated from their inner world of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and more.


  • Each program is custom-designed to meet the leader’s needs and be responsive to the organizational context
  • Assessments are used to guide the process as appropriate – including 360 Interviews, The Hogan Leadership Suite, Strength Surveys (including VIA, Realise2), 4-D Individual Assessment (multi-rater feedback on individual behaviors that affect social climate)


Team Coaching

For teams to perform to their highest potential, they need to build capability in the mindsets and skills of collaboration. To succeed they need to know how to leverage the strengths of the team members, and how to communicate effectively within the team and with others outside their team.


  • Each team coaching program is based on a proven framework, and custom-designed to meet the team’s needs and to be responsive to the organizational context
  • Typical elements include:
    • Consultation and preparation to determine the focus for the process
    • Launch
    • Series of team coaching sessions, over at least a six month period
    • Completion
  • Assessment typically used to guide the process and support learning include the 4-D Team Assessment (to track improvements in team social climate), and team strength assessments.
  • Throughout participants are provided “just in time” models and tools to support their learning.

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