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We custom-design leadership development, team and individual executive coaching programs. Our specialty is helping leaders and teams develop the mindsets, new skills and capabilities needed to succeed in a New C world. Our work combines solid grounding in good theory and research with deep practical experience. Organizations value our extensive experience in customizing our offerings to align with their needs and circumstances.

In response to COVID-19, we have adapted and expanded our content to help leaders and teams address emerging challenges related to virtual work and resilience.


Leadership Development Programs

Our specialty is helping leaders and teams develop the mindsets, new skills and capabilities needed to embrace the adaptive challenges of a world in flux. Our work combines extensive grounding in research and theory with deep practical experience and tools for leaders who want to enhance their effectiveness.



Cultivating the conditions and structures that support good collaboration – between individuals, within teams, and inter-team – lies at the heart of what we do. We work with  our rich body of models, practices and tools in essential focus areas such as social climate, psychological safety, engagement, creativity and attention to support high quality collaboration.


Leaders and individual contributors alike need to make sure that conversation is being used effectively and well. This can be supported by building their Conversation Intelligence™ – which is a term we use to describe the ability for people to connect optimally in conversation – with individuals and in groups. More so now than ever before people need to listen better, ask more and smarter questions, and tap into the minds of many to solve complex problems, to address challenges, and to get creative, innovative, breakthrough solutions. Our work around conversation supports this process, including special focus in areas like conflict, feedback, and fostering inclusion.

Coaching Approach:

While a coaching approach is woven into everything we do we also have specific programs with practical insights into how leaders can integrate a coaching approach as part of collaborative leadership. It allows leaders to support others to perform & develop to their highest potential in the context of the challenges they face in these unprecedented times.

Customization of our programs, modules and workshops take into account the leadership level of participants, the size of the group, the desired depth of learning, the specific organizational challenges and opportunities, the place of the program within other leadership development initiatives, as well as the time available. We currently offer all programs as fully virtual deliveries, with options for live online training, asynchronous learning modules, customized web portals with supporting content, and more – but in future the potential to deliver some training in person may become possible again.

Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching conversations happen at the intersection of the leader’s inner and outer world. Leaders, almost by definition, are responsible for shaping and changing the outer world in ways that will deliver certain results and outcomes. How the leader sees and responds to this outer world cannot be separated from their inner world of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and more.


We recognize that senior leaders work with unique challenges, and our coaching focuses on leveraging their strengths and optimizing their leadership performance.

  • Each program is custom-designed to meet the leader’s needs and be responsive to the organizational context
  • Specific focus on the leader’s effect on creating social climate and driving creativity and innovation in the context of complexity and flux.


Team Coaching

For teams to perform to their highest potential, they need to build capability in the mindsets and skills of collaboration. To succeed they need to know how to leverage the strengths of the team members, and how to communicate effectively within the team and with others outside their team.


  • Each team coaching program is based on a proven framework, and custom-designed to meet the team’s needs and to be responsive to the organizational context
  • Typical elements include:
    • Consultation and preparation to determine the focus for the process
    • Launch
    • Series of team coaching sessions, over at least a six month period
    • Completion
  • Based on team and organizational needs and goals, assessments and self-assessments are used to support the coaching process.
  • Throughout participants are provided “just in time” models and tools to support their learning.

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