PeopleDynamics Learning Inc.

Commitment to Inclusion & Equity

Special Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter

It needs to be said… because silence has meaning

Our leadership team gathered under the umbrella of “PeopleDynamics Learning Group” declare the following:

Black Lives Matter. Our shared humanity and our future depends on us fostering a lived experience of interconnectedness based in equality and inclusion, so at this juncture in history it is important to say specifically that Black Lives Matter, as an acknowledgement of the impact of systemic racism on the Black community.

We are committing to be an active ally in the quest to dismantle systemic racism and to promote equality, inclusion, and deep respect for the Black community. We accept that there are many different ways to act as an ally in this quest, and we will continue to be in conversation with one another and the community to discern what actions might serve best.

As an organization with special expertise in the art of conversation – one-on-one and in teams/groups – we are committed to finding ways to deploy this expertise in ways that can help us collectively move from where we are to a more equitable, inclusive, and hopeful future. Actions include reshaping the content of our current programs, creating safe spaces for ongoing conversations about race and racism, and the design of processes to help equip more people to have these conversations skillfully and confidently.

Our Commitment to Inclusion & Equity:

In everything we do, we aspire to:

• Be a positive force in the world,
• Be mindful in how we engage with the world, and
• Live with a deep sense of interconnectedness with humanity.

While our commitment to inclusion, equity and diversity is embedded in these individual and collective values, we recognize the importance of highlighting these elements in order to continue developing our understanding of what each means and committing to specific actions in support of them. Within our organization, we know that inclusion, equity and diversity need to be an integral part of how we show up, so that:

  • We are acting in ways that influence positive change in the world,
  • Our clients and program participants are set up to be successful in their learning and development journeys,
  • We are supporting each person so that they may express themselves fully and bring their best selves for the benefit of everyone involved,
  • We are actively recruiting and attracting people with a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and abilities, and,
  • Everyone on our team is set up to be successful in their roles.

We also know that this is not a one-time statement or activity; rather, it needs to be part of an ongoing conversation. We have the humility to recognize that we may not always get it right but we can be purposeful in our efforts and actively continue to learn.

We all share ownership for the process of integrating our learning and commitments into who we are and what we are known for – and this has potentially widespread implications for everything we do and how we engage with each other, our collaborators, our clients and our community over time.

We are committed to being in an ongoing conversation about inclusion, equity and diversity. We are committed to saying and hearing things that expand and challenge our perspectives so that we may learn, grow, and provide better and more inclusive programs and services to those with whom we have the great privilege of working and learning together. We are committed to prioritizing these efforts and holding ourselves accountable to them and sharing them with the community at large.

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