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Coaching Leaders to Use Strengths Wisely for Greater Impact


This program, designed by practitioners for practitioners, offers experienced coaches insight into key principles, practices and tools that address the “how to” of strengths-based coaching in a leadership and business context. Led by Melinda Sinclair, DPhil, ChBC™ and Dorothy Greenaway, MCC, of PeopleDynamics Learning, it consists of a 3-part webinar series (followed by an optional series of Practice Labs). Participants will discover how to enhance the impact of strength-based coaching by learning practical ways to account for the interplay of strengths in three different, interrelated contexts: the client’s personal context, the client’s leadership context and the client’s organizational context.

As a leadership coach, the Strengths in Context program can provide you with a robust toolbox of models and practices to help clients:

  • gain a more fulsome, nuanced and dynamic view of their strengths
  • make deeper discoveries about how their strengths work for them, in combination with one another, and even against one another
  • reflection on how their strengths use might affect their energy as well as the direction of their attention
  • explore how their strengths, weaknesses, shadows play out for them in their leadership and organizational context
  • address relevant gaps and weaknesses that are impacting their effectiveness
  • increase their strengths literacy
  • deploy their strengths more wisely for better results and greater positive impact

The Strengths in Context program consists of two parts: A Webinar Series followed by Practice Lab Series. Participants can choose to enroll in just the Webinars, or in both the Webinar and Practice Labs.

Webinar Series Dates:
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Practice Lab Series Dates:
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1. The Webinar Series

The Webinar Series consists of three one hour sessions during which we:

  • present key concepts and principles
  • illustrate how these play out in coaching engagements (client examples)
  • introduce some specific concrete practices related to the webinar topic
  • invite participants to apply the practices in coaching work between webinars.

2. The Practice Lab Series

The Practice Lab Series consists of three one hour sessions for those interested in deepening their understanding of the concepts covered in the Webinars. Participants are invited to engage in an exploration of how to apply the learning from the webinars in their own coaching practice. Learning is in small groups (maximum 9 participants) enabling an interactive learning forum for participants to:

  • engage in facilitated discussion about the practical application of the frameworks, models and tools introduced in the Webinar Series
  • explore how participants are thinking about and using the models, tools and practices with their own clients
  • bring their own coaching scenarios, questions and challenges and gain insights from other participants and mentor coaching by the lab leader

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