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Collaboration and confusion go together

Collaboration means bringing together “the different”. It involves bringing together different minds, different perspectives, different disciplines, different experiences – all in an attempt to solve a problem or create a new possibility.

Bringing together “the different” almost inevitably creates confusion as we try to make sense of the different viewpoints and to understand the different languages of our different fields.

This level of confusion can be hard to tolerate at times. However, this confusion can be the fertile soup from which new insights and innovative ideas can emerge.

Some questions to ponder:

  • How can we build our capacity- as individuals, and as groups needing to work together – to tolerate the confusion that often comes with collaboration?
  • How can we distinguish between fruitful / helpful confusion and unhelpful confusion?
  • How do we expand our capability to talk with others when we are all caught in confusion – without allowing dominant voices drowning out the potential insights that can emerge if we all play in the mess?
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