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Celebrating the ICF GTA Prism Award Winner – Cathexis Consulting

On Feb 18, at the ICF Conference Thrive, I was thrilled to be recognized as the coach to ICF GTA Prism Award Winner – Cathexis Consulting.  I have been working with CEO Rochelle Zorzi for several years, and rest of the Cathexis  consulting team since 2013.  In her acceptance speech Rochelle said:

“Coaching helped us use our conversations with our clients and with each other to create change… Are we on easy street now? No, we still have a lot of hard work ahead of us to sustain these gains in the longer term, and coaching will continue to be an important part of that. But we are flourishing and having fun, and that is worth celebrating.”

As I reflect on what makes our coach/client partnership a Prism and a Coaching Success story several factors stand out:

  • Organizational goals and coaching are clearly aligned: The Cathexis leaders (Rochelle and Melissa) were clear on the changes they were seeking and how making those changes would link to their overall achievement of goals.
  • In true collaboration we all share ownership: There was shared ownership of the process right from the start. We agreed on what to focus on, we discussed what was working and what else was needed and adapted and adjusted to the business cycle, priorities and needs along the way.
  • Powerful frameworks, models and tools spark and support learning: In light of their intentions, I was able to select the best from from our core frameworks, models and tools to stretch their thinking and support their learning. (e.g. strengths assessments,  4-D framework, ASPIRING Mindset model, Conversation Advantage tools, etc.)
  • Ongoing commitment to learning fuels momentum: The team, individually and collectively are fully committed and willing to stretch into new ways of thinking, doing and being – and to hold each other accountable for applying their learning day to day.
  • Program measurement was given attention at the outset: Cathexis’ specialty is program evaluation and measurement so they kn0w how to establish meaningful qualitative and quantitative measures to evaluate the coaching program’s impact. This means I can focus on what I do best – coach, teach and support learning and change.

If you would like to learn more about the Cathexis Prism Success Story, join me for our FREE Coaching Salon on March 6 at noon ET where  we will be discussing what we did, how we did it, how Cathexis measured it, and why it worked so well. To register click on the C Space button.


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